Five Ways Dimmers Can Change Your Life


Finding ways to improve your home can feel like a life changing event. Even small changes can affect your approach to life outside of the home. You begin and end every day in your home and regardless how much you dislike your job or the struggles you face in your life, having a calm, functional, and comfortable home means you are prepared to take on life outside of the house. One of the biggest changes you can make in your home is the lighting. It can affect your mood, your ability to get things done, and your approach to life. Improving your lighting is one of the best things you can do in your home and dimmers are one of the best tools you can add to accomplish this positive change. How can dimmers change your life?


1. Dimmers create a better work environment


If you work from home dimmers can be especially useful. The type of work you do determines the best lighting needed for your office. When you have a dimmer you are able to make adjustments in your work environment regardless of what you need and when. With a dimmer you can make the adjustments you need in your workspace so you get the lighting you need.


2. Dimmers add romance


One of the main reasons people decide to install dimmers is because they want the chance to create romantic ambiance in their home. Bedrooms are one of the most popular spaces in a home for a dimmer, but it is not the only room where you might want to add a little romantic ambiance. Consider adding a dimmer to your sitting room or entertainment room. This gives you a chance to set the tone on Friday or Saturday nights when you want to kick back, watch a romantic movie, and enjoy a bottle of wine.


3. Dimmers make dinner calm


Another great place to add a dimmer is in the dining room. Romantic dinners are much more so when the lighting is just right. Even family dinners can be better with dimmed lighting. Having a hard time getting everyone to calm down, relax, and enjoy their family meal? Dimmed lighting can help!


4. Dimmers are great for kids


Dimmers are often viewed as a romantic tool, but they can also help young children. No need for a night light when you have a dimmer!


5. Dimmers improve your sleep


Dimmers are also great for those who have trouble falling asleep at night. Gradually reduce your bedroom lighting until it is dark and you drift off to sleep.


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Obsession with Shoes: What Causes It and Why We Don’t Want to Give It Up

1750blkanglePeople often joke about their shoes obsession and make light of something that can actually turn into a major problem. Every day people spend money on things, especially shoes, they cannot afford. On the other hand, there are plenty of people that can afford to invest in quality shoes like those from Fly London or Thierry Rabotin and their wardrobe would be in complete without great footwear. Is there really a shoe obsession and is it something we need to worry about?


The answer is: it depends. In some cases, buying shoes is a problem.  You probably know someone like this or you are this person. You have hundreds of pairs of shoes, but you just can never resist adding one more pair to your collection. When the latest Thierry Rabotin or Fly London shoes come out, you are the first person in line to make a purchase. No matter whether you need a particular pair of shoes or not, it is the collecting that has you involved in the shoe buying mania.


In some cases, there is nothing wrong with wanting the latest and great pair of shoes. Many people who have a passion for something invest money in the newest equipment or developments. In your case, shoe buying and collecting is more a hobby than a fashion necessity and as long as you can afford to invest in your hobby, you do not have a problem.


However, if you have gone overboard and you are sacrificing needed things for shoes, you might want to re-evaluate your situation. How do you know your shoe shopping obsession has gone too far? Ask yourself these questions:


  • Have you ever skipped paying a bill that was due because you needed the money for a new pair of shoes?
  • Do you have enough space to store your shoe collection (safely) or are shoes spilling out of every nook and cranny of your home?
  • Does your family complain about you buying too many pairs of shoes?
  • Have you ever regretted a shoe purchase?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might want to reflect a bit on your shoe shopping habit. You might be fine, but you might not be. If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, it is time for a shoe obsession intervention. You might love to buy shoes, but shoes have taken over your life and it is time to get things under control!


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4 Ways to Mitigate Vendor Risk

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Using outside vendors to complete projects can help businesses save money on labor costs, as a contractor works on a freelance or per project basis. Bug hiring contractors can be risky. It is important to understand the inherent risks of using outside vendors to complete a project.

When deciding to use a 3rd party vendor for an IT project, a vendor risk assessment can determine any potential liabilities. Sensitive data will most likely be stored on the company’s and the vendor’s networks. Identifying any legal liability faced by the company should the information be compromised due to using a contractor for the project is vital to the company’s interests. There are four key aspects to mitigating the risks in using 3rd party vendors.

1. Compliance

Understand what compliance regulations are currently in place for the industry, and make sure the vendor knows them and understand they are held accountable to them as well. For example, HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act) has specific requirements to ensure patient privacy. Make sure whatever vendor management software is used for tracking contractor performance also monitors compliance.

2. Contract

The contract should include all aspects of the project, including compliance. Outline the specific terms of the project, what completion looks like, and the full expectations of industry compliance. This will ensure both parties understand exactly what the expectation for performance is. It should also define the exact nature of the relationship between the company and the 3rd party vendor, and how failure to perform will be handled.

3. Access

Make sure the contractor understands exactly who should have access to the project and all information associate with it. There may be different levels of information each individual who is party to the contract will have access to. Ensure all parties understand what and how much information is to be given to the members of each team. Restricting access to potentially sensitive information will further ensure compliance.

4. Reporting and Monitoring

The contractor should be providing timely reports to keep the contracting company up to date on the project. Using vendor management software to keep track of these reports, as well as tracking compliance to regulations, will keep projects on track, and help mitigate risks.

Using 3rd party vendors to help your company complete projects is a great way to reduce labor costs. However, without a vendor risk assessment, the company opens itself up to potential legal liabilities. Make sure to have a specific vendor risk management plan in place to protect the company’s interests.

Acupuncturist NYC

Finding an Acupuncturist NYC may appear challenging, but when you organize your search it may be rather easy. The initial step is to understand where you stand with regards to your overall health. Before approaching an acupuncturist, it is important to know your purpose for your treatment. This helps you develop a treatment plan together and create joint goals. Next, you need to hire a roofer who is allowed to handle your particular issues. Unless they are acquainted with the problems you have, it really is unlikely they could do much for you personally. Finally, you should conduct consultations to be sure you are comfortable with a potential practitioner. Click here to learn more how you can benefit with acupuncture.

Dayton Roofing Repairs

After bad weather, it will always be a good idea to have an inspection done on top from the qualified Dayton Roofing Repairs contractor. Although some people feel that they can climb on the roof to look for damage, this dangerous exercise is that should be left to those who supply the mandatory safety equipment. Indeed, they will not only look at the roof, they will also inspect under it to find out if water or debris is being taken to the roof space. Even birds comes in through holes in the roof and they tend to do some damage while they are there.CLICK HERE to contact a reputable roofing contractor in your area.

Lasik Cost Houston

Trying to find information on Lasik cost Houston? The total price of your LASIK eye surgery will vary according to your specific vision needs and whether you select Bladeless Custom Wavefront technology or conventional, non-wavefront technology. Observe that some surgeons offer non-NASA approved Bladeless Wavefront technology, that is different. A comprehensive consultation with your surgeon determines the best process of you and the vision needs. We recognize that when you wish to find out the entire world in sharp focus without the problem of contacts or glasses, the worst thing you want browsing your way is really a dollar sign. That’s why most vision centers are content to offer various financing options to make LASIK surgery affordable for almost any budget. Figure out which you are best for you today!price is the cost surgeons should pay to purchase newer equipment and learn to put it to use properly. Custom LASIK using wavefront technology also is more epensive than traditional LASIK surgery. The purchase price increase could be between $100 to $500 for each eye. Remember however, with this particular price increase comes greater precision and typically a lower life expectancy risk for complications following surgery.

Screen Platesetters

Finding quality screen platesetters takes time, but it is worth the cost if you get machinery which is made well and useable for quite some time. This isn’t the sort of equipment you would like to buy quickly. It is really an important financial investment for your business and you should invest the appropriate period in your choice. You have a minimal quantity of options, but even if your choices are few it’s still crucial that you invest some time and get ready for you buy. By doing this you’ll get a top quality machine your money can buy and you will be able to utilize it for the tasks you need to perform.

Rid Of Fleas

Anyone who has pets in the house will need to get rid of fleas at some point. Although many of us treat animals to ensure that fleas do not enter our homes, it is inevitable that they can appear at some time. They jump off animals and infest carpets, particularly across the corners of a room, and wait for next meal to pass by – which is, anyone or thing that has blood inside it! When bites are noticed it is crucial to for help immediately since there is going to be eggs and young fleas lurking all around the home eventually. You can learn more about this here:

Luxury Homes For Sale

Sometimes finding luxury homes for sale can be quite a challenge. There exists a smaller marketplace for expensive, high-end homes, so there are often fewer in the marketplace. Builders focus on creating homes that are suited to as many buyers as possible. When you’re able to to cover more compared to average buyer, it might seem you’ve got more options on hand. Unfortunately, this can be rarely the situation because builders wish to be certain that supply and demand are near to equal. Though you have less competition when purchasing a deluxe home, you might also need fewer homes to compete for. You can get more information about this here:

Colorado Vacation

Are you currently planning for a Colorado vacation? Have you been hoping to find the ideal balance of activities for family and time to relax? That is a common objective of vacationers, especially those headed to some place like Colorado. Unlike many tropical vacations or trips transcontinental trips, people vacationing in Colorado hope to acquire some time away. They likely desire to spend some time anyway and hang out with family and friends. They may enjoy trying new restaurants or playing outdoor sports. Colorado offers many of these what to visitors regardless of what time of year they visit.